If Nikki Finke‘s tip about Summit offering the New Moon directing gig to Chris Weitz comes true (i.e., if he’s actually offered the job and takes it), it’ll prove that Summit truly hasn’t a clue.

The Twilight films have to be directed by a woman, period, and certainly not by some sensitive, well-intentioned but fatally middlebrow journeyman like Weitz (The Golden Compass, About A Boy). The obvious candidate is The Hurt Locker‘s Kathryn Bigelow…is it not?

Finke’s tipster says “another reason [for the Weitz offer] is because Weitz and Summit’s president of production Eric Feig are longtime pals.” Jesus…do they play poker together? Forget Weitz, grab Feig by the lapels and slap him around and tell him that flaunting the old-boy network is bad p.r., and then hire Bigelow. Simple.

If Weitz winds up directing New Moon everything that Summit honcho Rob Friedman told Patrick Goldstein yesterday will be immediately tossed out the window. Weitz? Why not dangle the job in front of Stephen Sommers while they’re at it?