We need to remind ourselves every so often that the racism thrown at Barack Obama (both the dog-whistle and trumpet-call variety) by slimy, race-baiting Republicans is only partially directed at Obama the man or his policies as President. It’s mostly directed at the Obama metaphor, as his ascendancy to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. illustrates the descending influence of white people and the corresponding rise in power by mixed-race multiculturalism.

Which is why almost all the alpha-dog white males out there are against him. Obama’s Presidency says to jowly, white-bread, beer-drinking Anglo-Italian-German-Nordic-Polish-Irish-descended males that “your big-dog dominance days are over and this country is generally getting darker, and so it’s all gradually starting to tilt in favor of values and traditions embraced by a mixture of White, African-American, Latino and mixed-race couples.

“So like it or not but white-bread dominance is on the brink of over, and chances are growing that your daughters or granddaughters are going to get married to an African-American, Latino and mixed-race husband, and that the remnants of your genetic fair-skinned line will diminish over time.”

A friend with two little kids tells me there’s a private school in West Hollywood that all the parents want their kids to go to, and that it has a policy, he said, of (a) favoring mixed-race kids and (b) discriminating against white-bread kids. I love it.