Grand Jury Prize, U.S. Dramatic and Audience Award, Dramatic:: Push: Based on a novel by Sapphire, d: Lee Daniels. HE comment: Didn’t choose to see it during Sundance because I didn’t care for Daniels’ Shadowboxer (’05). I’ll see it down the road, but I’m from Missouri. Mordbid obesity is not an affliction in the sense of being hit by a disease or having a tree fall on you. It’s a choice.

Grand Jury Prize, U.S. Documentary: We Live In Public, d: Ondi Timoner. Provocative and probably prophetic doc about how online obsession can (and did, in the case of internet pioneer Josh Harris ) about where most of us who live online are headed. Unflinchingly delves into Harris’s neurotic-obsessive head. I’m not sure how attractive or engrossing this will seem to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Computer Nerd.

World Cinema Jury Prize, Dramatic: The Maid, d: Sebastian Silva.

World Cinema Jury Prize, Documentary: Rough Aunties, d: Kim Longinotto.

Audience Award, Documentary: The Cove, d: Louise Psihoyos.

World Cinema Audience Award, Dramatic: An Education, d: Lone Scherfig-

World Cinema Audience Award, Documentary: Afghan Star, d: Havana Marking.

Excellence in Directing, U.S. Dramatic: Sin Nombre, d: Cary Joji Fukunaga.

I’m bored. That’s it. Here’s the Variety link for the rest.