Ratatouille is still way in front of Live Free or Die Hard, but it’s been inching down over the last three days while the Bruce Willis actioner has continued to inch up. Both are doing very well with the French rat movie almost $14 million in front of the Willis, but a friend says that at a Marina del Rey showing of Ratatouille yesterday 80% to 85% of the crowd was adult, indicating that this “very sophisticated” film is “not really getting the kids.”
Is this true in Baton Rouge and Jacksonville also? How about Portland? I plan on checking out at least one major theatre showing the Disney/Pixar film later today, but has anyone noticed any similar audience proportions?
Ratatouille‘s three-day estimate is now down to $46,315,000. Thursday’s tracking said it would take in around $50 million while numbers for Friday, 6.29 (reported yesterday morning) projected a weekend tally of $48,406,000.
It would appear that a certain percentage of not-very-worldly types whose idea of world-class, mouth-watering cuisine is a double hamburger with ketchup and fried onions are saying to themselves (and their kids in particular), “Do we really want to go to an animated haute cuisine movie? Maybe the Die Hard flick is more our speed even if it’s not supposed to be as good…Bruce is family, after all, and absorbing familiar emotional assurances from a coarse action flick seems like a safer, more comfortable bet.”
Live Free or Die Hard is now looking at a three-day total of $32,750,000 and a five-day cume of $47,779,000, having been handed a five-day projection of just shy of $40 million last Thursday and $45.8 million yesterday morning.