All of the prominent weekend movies were more or less flat yesterday (i.e., didn’t increase upon Friday’s numbers) and yet Grindhouse dropped 19%. This means it won’t even hit $13 million — this morning’s estimate is that it’ll have $12,123,000 by late tonight.

Today is a dead movie-going day because almost all Middle Americans are visiting family and hiding chocolate Easter eggs and sitting around watching The Passion of the Christ on DVD as they lash each other with cat ‘o’ nine tails.

The rundown: Blades of Glory is #1 with $23,614,000, Meet The Robinsons is #2 with $17,175,00 Are We DoneYet? is #3 with 14,975,000. Grindhouse is fourth with $12123 and The Reaping is fifth with $10,139,000. The Hoax is projecting about $1,418,000 and $6000 a print — fair, okay, not terrific.