The Dark Knight will do about $151.7 million by tonight. (Maybe more than that as the N.Y. Times is reporting $155 million and change.) It made $47 million yesterday, and about $66 million on Friday (counting Thursday-Friday overnight haul of $18. 5 million). Mamma Mia! did $9.8 million on Saturday, and will end up with about $27.6 million by tonight.
Hancock will make about $14.1 million — now at $191.6 million, sure to pass $200 million. Journey to the Center of the Earth, off 43% from last weekend, will end up with about $12 million. Hellboy II was absolutely killed by The Dark Knight, dropping a whopping 71% from last weekend, and this weekend taking it a lousy $10 million.
WALL*E will earn $9.8 milllon by tonight — it’s now at $182 million, will barely eke out $200 million. The seventh-place Space Chimps will make $7.3 million — disaster.