Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs took the #1 spot with a three-day haul of $42,500,000 and a five-day haul of $67,506,000, averaging $10,368 per situation. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen took a 61% hit from last weekend’s opener with earnings of $42,500,000 — expected. And yet it’s only $7 million away from a $300 million gross. Public Enemies was third with a three-day take of $26,172,000 and a five-day haul of $41,044,000, averaging an overall $7,850 per situation.

If Enemies triples its three-day opening figure, it’ll end up with a little more than $75 million, give or take. It would obviously look better on the ledger sheet if it ends up cresting $100 million. But will it? $7850 per situation isn’t all that terrific.

The best per-screen average anywhere was earned again by The Hurt Locker. Kathryn Bigelow‘s edge-junkie film expanded from 4 to 9 screens this weekend, and took down $126,000. The total gross stands at $365,000.

I’m guessing that most megaplex morons will most likely steer clear of The Hurt Locker because…well, because they’re primitive types who tend to get all queasy when they sense complexity. But it’s clearly starting to catch on and stands a better-than-decent chance of taking in a good $30 million or so. That’s an appropriate amount for one of the two or three best films of the year so far…no?