I’m not saying Superman Returns is Son of Poseidon, far from it, but last Thursday’s (6.15) NRG numbers are indicating a fairly good but less-than-phenomenal July 4th holiday opening. Definite interest was at 38%, but two weeks before opening a tentpole movie of this size should be closer to 50% at this stage. (Pirates of the Caribbean‘s definite interest was at 67%, and that’s three weeks out.) Superman Returns had a first-choice rating of 9%, but at this stage of the game that number should be in the high teens. Warner Bros. has a nine-day window — Wednesday, 6.28 to Thursday July 6 — to make all the Superman dough they can before Pirates crashes through on Friday, July 7. Whatever Superman Returns does during its three-day weekend period (6.30 to 7.2) will be halved the following weekend. The domestic goal is to make $100 million over the first seven days, and then multiply that by at least 2.5 before heading off to DVD. Anything less will be considered a shortfall. I hear this, I hear this…and on some level it’s not right. Superman Returns is a true heart movie — Pirates, sight unseen, is a jackoff eye-mascara 16-ounce-can-of-Budweiser movie.