Superman Returns took in around $13.9 million yesterday (Monday, 7.3). Apparently the Sunday morning estimates were low because no one considered the bad-weather-around-the-country factor, meaning that Superman‘s Sunday haul was probably closer to $19 rather than $16 million, which translates into a five-day figure more like $87.5 million rather than, say, Box-Office Mojo‘s estimate of $84.7 million.
Add yesterday’s $13.9 million to the $87 million-plus and Superman Returns has now crested $100 million with another $7 or $8 million expected today.
But as I’ve said two or three times over the past week, earnings will be down next weekend (low to mid 20s) when the Pirates hit town, and it’ll basically be a Superman toilet-water-swirl from then on.
Nikki Finke‘s souces are telling her it probably won’t make it to $200 million domestically, but I think it just might. But there’s no fighting the general consensus, which is that Superman “didn’t do well enough…it didn’t do what it needed to,” as a plugged-in journo put it Sunday night.
Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Jon Peters, Kevin Spacey and especially lightweight Kate Bosworth didn’t quite do the thing…they stirred and delighted a good portion of the U.S. but there were too many naysayers and thus a good-but-not-great showing.
The best move now for everyone involved (and I’m including Alan Horn) is to grab their dark glasses and fishing hats and get in their cars and drive out to the desert and stay there for a couple of weeks until the Great Superman Letdown has faded from memory and everyone has moved on and begun to obsess about the next tragedy.