Despite the understandably relieved announcement by Superman Returns naysayer David Poland that five big-name critics have joined him in panning Bryan Singer‘s film (the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Mick LaSalle makes six), the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are a bit more than 75% positive — 72% cream-of-the-crop, 77% overall — so there’s no turning of the tide. You just have seven sourpusses standing off in the corner along with the seven dwarves, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the seven deadly sins…no biggie. Enthusiastic thumbs-uppers include N.Y. Daily News critic Jack Matthews, Newsweek‘s David Ansen (who says “from the start of this gorgeously crafted epic, you can feel that Singer has real love and respect for the most foursquare comics superhero of them all”), Time‘s Richard Corliss, Entertainment Weekly‘s Owen Gleiberman (enthusing that it “gets tighter and fiercer as it goes along…Singer does his grandest work to date”), the Atlanta Constitution‘s Eleanor Ringel Gillespie and so on.