I haven’t posted the wedding ceremony scene from Alan Arkin‘s Little Murders (’71) in a long time. There are probably more than a few who’ve never watched this clip or heard of Little Murders at all. Even though portions of this scene are politically incorrect by 2015 standards, it’s still funny. Wait…should I have said that? Does saying it’s funny indicate I might be a closet homophobe and am therefore deserving of condemnation by this site’s gay readers? It’s a timepiece thing, this scene. Even though Stonewall had happened about a year before it was filmed in mid ’70, screenwriter Jules Pfeiffer was obviously nurturing some old-fashioned attitudes. People forget that the great Gordon Willis shot this film. He went to work on Alan Pakula‘s Klute directly following (or so it seems to judge by release dates) and after that The Godfather.