HE’s own Svetlana Cvetko has been working feverishly on Show Me What You Got, and it’s kinda sorta pretty much done. A black-and-white, Jules et Jim saga among three late 20somethings (Cristina Rambaldi, Neyssan Falahi, Mattia Minasi), the Blitz Films production, which Svetlana directed, co-wrote and shot, lists award-winning director Phillip Noyce (Rabbit Proof Fence, Salt, Clear and Present Danger) as an executive producer.

How swift and sure-footed is Show Me What You Got? I’m not allowed to comment, being a close and trusted team member who has to observe family protocol, but I can at least say that on a scene-to-scene basis the footage looks and feels like absolute black-and-white dynamite, and that the film has a generally Truffaut-like and playfully erotic mood, and that it’s European-flavored in other ways. And that it dances and darts around and feels like its own bird. It’s basically a menage a trois love story.

My hope or expectation is that Show Me What You Got (which sounds like a cross between “how deep and spiritual are your inner regions?” and “pull your pants down”) will peek out sometime soon. A Los Angeles cool-cat screening may happen before long. Festival-wise I’m hoping for a peek-out during the warm weather months, or at least by the early fall.

Has Svetlana shown me her film repeatedly because she values my tough judgment and because she trusts me to really tell it like it is? I can only answer by saying “is this not what friends are for?” Has she shown it to my music-marketing and band-managing son Jett because she wanted his opinion on scoring? To this I can say “yes, she has.” So the family is up to speed. Before long it’ll be time to raise the world curtain.

Blitz Films financed and produced Show Me What You Got, which is in line with the company’s vision to back up-and-coming directors. Blitz’s Nikolay Sarkisov and Double Take Pictures’ David Scott Smith are producers with Noyce and Sergey Sarkisov exec producing.

Cvetko co-wrote the script with Smith. Her dp credits include Inside Job, Facing Fear, Red Army and Inequality For All.