If you want to hear the pure, unfettered voices of the politically-correct cominterm regarding Hollywood racism, listen to Vanity Fair “Little Gold Men” podcasters Katey Rich and particularly Mike Hogan as they discuss same. Their view is that assessments of movies by the usual standards (excellence of acting, screenwriting, direction, editing, cinematography) need to be modified or eased up on in order to show a little generosity toward filmmakers of color. This is a socially compassionate “Little Red Book” approach to cinematic assessment, pure and simple. On the other hand VF‘s Richard Lawson, calling from Park City, tells the truth when he notes that Nate Parker‘s The Birth of A Nation is “not great art”, although it has caught the fervor of the moment. (You can almost hear Hogan audibly deflate when Lawson says this.) Lawson mentions the undisputed greatness of Kenneth Lonergan‘s Manchester-By-The-Sea — a surprising admission given the all-white cast.