Within the next half-hour or so Hollywood Elsewhere will begin to re-direct traffic away from Softlayer, the ISP that I’ve been with since ’06 or thereabouts, and move everything over to Liquid Web, which I’m going with at the urging of Sasha Stone. And then four or five days hence I’ll shift over to WordPress as my staging software, and finally abandon Movable Type 4.0 now and forever more. Exciting!

This will presumably make things faster and easier for me to work and fewer problems for commenters trying to post, and it will make an HE re-design (which I’ll be doing within a month or two) easier. I may be the last name-brand columnist to have adopted WordPress. It took me long enough, but better late than never.

There may be a problem or two in adapting to the new ISP (there always are) but they’ll be smoothed out before long.