All in a single comment thread posted today, the utterly cancerous malignancy afflicting movies today + the ADD effect of streaming — Dyson, Henry, Miesel and Rawls:

Miles Dyson: “It might be me, but streaming has made watching movies harder. I can’t get invested like I used to. There is a major difference between making an effort to go sit down in a cinema and launching an app. I find myself not sticking to things at all. A lot of it is so blah.”

Hardcore Henry: “I swear the rise of apps has single-handedly helped drive the rise of ADHD. I’m one of the most focused, undistracted people I know (not even trying to #humblebrag here — it certainly has its detriments) and the damn things make me fidget and twitch like Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys.”

Pete Miesel: “Virtually every film coming out these days is a superhero movie, a film version of an amusement park ride, a remake of a TV series, an adaptation of a previously published novel, or a musical jukebox biography where every character addresses each other by their full names (‘good point, John Lennon of the Beatles’). And we’re worried about social realism??”

Lou Rawls’ Ego: “Most box office being from non-US markets is why movies are so dumb and bland.”