Because No Country for Old Men has gotten 7 guild mentions (ACE, ADG, ASC, CAS, DGA, 3 from SAG, WGA), There Will Be Blood has gotten 6 (ACE, ADG, ASC, DGA, one from SAG, WGA), Into The Wild 5 (ACE, CAS, DGA, four from SAG, WGA), Michael Clayton 5 (ACE, ADG, DGA, three from SAG, WGA) and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 4 (ASC, ADG, DGA, WGA), Red Carpet District‘s Kris Tapley believes these five are the most likely Best Picture candidates.
Disputes? Laments? With all due respect to talented good-guy Tony Gilroy, I say “no” to Michael Clayton. It’s a very fine and assured film of its type, but it’s nowhere near the achievement that Zodiac is and always will be. And I’d much rather see Once as a Best Picture nominee in place of My Left Eyelid. Wait…Tapley is saying the great Juno isn’t a likely Best Picture nominee? But it has to be because it’s making so much money…right?