As I’ve become a fan of recent spoken-word performances and WordTheatre in particular, I’m inclined to mention a Taylor Negron show being performed at Hollywood’s Egyptian this Sunday, 4.1.07, at 7:30 pm. Called “Taylor Negron Remade As Fiction,” it’s being described as “an invocation with violin, cello, piano and human voice, presented by WordTheatre and Delta Highway.” Negron will riff on Karen Carpenter, Lucille Ball, Charles Manson and the storm surge of Katrina. Lili Haydn (a.k.a., “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin”), L.A. Philharmonic cellist Ben Hong and pianist Adam MacDougall will accompany. Taylor’s stories have been developed with and directed by Cedering Fox. A champagne reception will follow. No one is likely to mention Blades of Glory, much less discuss it in any depth.