A June 3rd Guardian photo essay is celebrating the re-opening of Paris cafes.

Copy: “In Paris, contented customers sit outside cafes and sip their morning espressos for the first time in 11 weeks. There are, however, strict rules: bars and restaurants have permission to sprawl across pavements but tables must be one meter apart. In the rest of France, customers can now be served inside while observing the same distance.”

The Guardian‘s photographer is identified as “Martin” of AFP/Getty Images.

These photos literally melted me down. From ’07 to ’19 I was able to downshift and decompress in Paris (or Rome, Prague. Munich or Belgrade) following the Cannes Film Festival, and 2020 was the first time since the late George W. Bush administration that I was unable to do that.

These pics remind me that sipping cappuccino on a Paris sidewalk adjacent to a busy cafe or brasserie (early morning, late afternoon, evening) is one of the most gloriously alive activities available to human beings on the planet earth.