One thing I almost never seem to get is a long night’s sleep. It’s almost always 12:30 or 1 am and then up at 6:30 or 7 am, night after night. Sometimes I only get five or five and a half hours. It never seems like a problem per se except that sometimes I nod off for ten or twenty during a screening, which is partly about sleep deprivation but mostly, I tell myself, due to the film being boring or tedious. I never nod off during a good film.

But last night I got ten hours and wow! What a difference! I feel alert, alive, crackling and hungry for whatever the world holds. I should probably do this more often. The problem is that when 11 pm or midnight rolls around and I could easily sink down and go under, a little man in my head who’s been with me since I was nine or ten says “wait, not yet!…you don’t want to miss anything.” But I feel amazing now. I need to tell that little guy to take it easy and otherwise shut up more often.