“I’m really worried about our ability to defeat Donald Trump if [Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg] are our final two choices. If we have to choose between somebody who wants to burn things down in a way that I think a lot of American just don’t identify with, and somebody else who thinks he can just buy this with a personal fortune of a billionaire…I don’t think either of those choices is going to make it possible for us to bring American together and defeat this President.

“That’s why I’m offering a different approach. I think most of us agree that we can do a lot better than the President we have now, and that we have to change things in this country before it’s too late.”

HE to Pete: It breaks my heart to admit this, but it’s already too late. We’re all locked into a kind of electoral penitentiary right now, and our jailers, I regret to say, are purist progressives, Millennials, Bernie Bros and to a large extent African American voters (particularly the older homophobes). We’re basically fucked because of these guys, and partly because fellows like Kid Notorious think moderate progressives like yourself are the problem and not Bernie. It’s pretty close to a hopeless situation.

Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin couldn’t be more delighted. Stick a fork in me.