Here’s a testy little spat between The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil and Oscar show producer Gil Cates about the possible effects of the WGA strike upon the late January Golden Globes awards and the 2.24.08 Oscar show.
“Awards shows are the best chance that writers have to prove how valuable they are,” O’Neil said in a 12.18 AP story. “Without a script, we may finally find out how vapid and empty these stars really are. The awards shows will have no choice but to go on with the show, but not the telecast.”
“That’s totally ridiculous!,” Cates replied in the same damn story. “There will absolutely be a (televised) show one way or another. There are awards to give out.” And miles to go before I sleep!
O’Neil has pointed to the radical change being planned by the January 8th Peoples’ Choice Awards, which “will present a show that the nominees and winners don’t have to attend with winners being taped ahead of time at remote locations. There will be no red carpet and arrivals. And no suspense about who wins. But there’s never been any suspense surrounding who claims the Peoples’ Choice Awards. Winners have always been tipped off ahead of time.
“Thus, it’s not a suspense-driven awards show like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys and Emmys. So such a retooled show is probably not an option for the other kudos.”
O’Neil also reminds that 30 Rock writer Brett Baer said in the same AP article that the guild is aiming specifically at kudos shows, saying, ‘If we could shut down the awards shows, that would be great.’
“Mr. Cates, why do you think the Oscars will be different?”