That concern I expressed about Cameron Crowe possibly allowing for a Walter Parkes-styled pruning of Elizabethtown (Paramount, 10.14) is, I’m told, not a concern. The panic spasms began with Crowe telling Benjamin Wagner of MTV News that “the movie’s still a little long” and that test screeners are asking what parts can be cut out, etc. (See 7.2 Word item about the “long and important” version.) But just after that Word item ran I heard Crowe recently threw together “an experimental short cut” for his team to consider, and that after this screening it “[they] all looked at each other and said, ‘Restore it all.'” Crowe is now in the editing room fine-tuning the “long and important” cut and resultantly there “will be no ‘untitled’ version of Elizabethtown on DVD…this time it’s going into the theatres.”