That late ’50s noir-whodunit formerly known as Truth, Justice and American Way, about the death of the TV-series Superman guy George Reeves (Ben Affleck) due to a gunshot wound in the head, has been retitled Hollywoodland, according to the IMDB. A 1.26 report by “Stax” in IGN Film Force said that Allen Coulter-directed film, which will be distribbed by Focus Features (even though it was finished a good while ago and still doesn’t have release date on its IMDB page),
had to surrender the Truth, Justice title because Warner Bros., the producer of the Superman movies (including Bryan Singer’s bewbie coming out in June), was threatening to sue Focus if they didn’t stop using the Man of Steel’s motto. Stax, who’s been writing about this film for eons and has good sources on it, said Hollywoodland is being scored and will be released “later this year.” I was talking to a film director pal about this movie last weekend, and he said he’s “heard so little about it” that he’s starting to wonder, etc….if you catch my drift. The Hollywood- land costars are Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Robin Tunney, Bob Hoskins and the great Dash Mihok. (Seriously…Mihok is a really fine actor.)