That plot line in Ridley Scott‘s ’70s-era American Gangster — i.e, heroin smuggled in soldiers bodybags from Vietnam — was first seen in a 1985 episode of Miami Vice with Gordon Liddy as the drug dealer. It was called “Back in the World,” which first aired on 12.6.85. The director was Don Johnson; the writer was Terry McDonnell. The guest stars were Bob Balaban (Ira Stone), Iman (Dakotah), G. Gordon Liddy (Capt. Real Estate), Patti D’Arbanville (Mrs. Stone), Susan Hatfield (Mrs. Real Estate) and Gary Cox (Harold). Plotline: A journalist that Crockett knew in Vietnam is ready to break a story about ‘The Sergeant”– a shadowy legend thought to have shipped heroin stateside in body bags. Information from — here’s another site with the same information. Liddy also apeared on another 1986 episode — here’s the info. Thanks to readers Neil Harvey, Amir Hanif and Zac Freiesleben for helping out.