The 2018 Sundance Film Festival (1.18 thru 1.28) begins six and a half weeks from now. Hollywood Elsewhere and the intrepid Jordan Ruimy need a third person to share expenses on a large one-bedroom condo (bedroom, living room couch bed, two bunks, two bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace) in the centrally-located Park Regency. A two-week rental that exceeds the festival. Saturday, 1.13 thru Saturday, 1.27. Your end would be $650, and a Sundance share doesn’t get any cheaper than that. Consider a two-year-old sublet from the Creative Coalition [after the jump] that was regarded in some quarters as a good deal. No snoring tolerated — sorry but that’s the one thing we can’t abide. We’d like to tie things up no later than 12.10. Thank you. 5:55 pm update: Tracking Board‘s Ed Douglas has signed on — problem solved.