That two-year Touchstone production deal that has been handed to Rod Lurie and his Battle Plan Productions in the wake of Disney-owned ABC bouncing him off the new ABC hit series Commander in Chief, which Lurie created, in order to make way for the new creative honcho Steven Bochco….well, I’m told it’s pretty rich. Like $4 million rich. It’s face-saving tribute money. Lurie created the show, wrote it, ran the whole ship…and then (a) “creative differences” arose or (b) Lurie was overworked or (c) Disney/ABC felt the show could be better sculpted…whatever. They got Lurie to be cool and gracious about bowing out by handing him the $4 million as a kind of we-love-and-respect-you- but-we-need-you-to-go-away payoff. Lurie, an adult and a good hermano, will keep his exec producer credit and move on to other things, etc., and life will go on.