There are very few things in the movie-regarding universe of less interest to anyone right now than what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about The Social Network, particularly regarding accuracy issues. The conflicted creation of Facebook was the raw material, and then Aaron Sorkin wrote a movie that works on its own terms with characters who hold water like a glass and a theme that sinks in and sticks around. The train has left the station, the metaphor is the metaphor, The Social Network has created its own mythology….go away.

Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant, cranked, positive-minded, and definitely spinning his story as best he can. And Jesse Eisenberg‘s version of him is ten times more interesting. As Stanley Kubrick said over and over, “Realistic is good, but interesting is better.”

Two things I can’t stand about Zuckerberg are (a) the way he uses that questioning “if that’s okay with you?” GenY tone when he’s speaking declarative sentences and (b) ends his statements with “uhm” every time he says anything that’s half dramatic. Example: “And then, uhm…I picked up this ancient Arabian sword? And…uhm, chopped off this guy’s head? And then the head, uhm…started rolling across the cafe floor? And it was…uhm, sort of spraying and splattering arterial blood in every direction?”

That said, Zuckerberg knows his game. The game, I mean. “The biggest risk is you can take is to take no risk,” he said during an on-stage Stanford discussion last year. Exactly.