The box-office positions could switch between now and Monday night, but it appears that Hoodwinked, the animated Weinstein Co. release, is going to nudge its way into being the #1 film over the Martin Luther King holiday. Analysts are projecting a 4-day take of $16,900,000 over the second-place The Chronicles of Narnia with a projected $16,340,000. Hoodwinked “is not burn- ing up the pea patch,” a marketing veteran commented, “but it’s the first kids picture to hit the market since Narnia.” Some anal- ysts were speculating that Glory Road, the Jerry Bruckheimer forumula sports flick about a black Southern college basketball team in the ’60s, might be the winner because of the MLK holiday, but the current expectation is that it’ll come in just under Narnia with $16,280,000. Hostel is looking at $12,350,000 for the holiday weekend, Fun with Dick and Jane should do about $10,400,000, King Kong about $8,809,000, and Tristan and Isolde about $8,760,000. Poor James Franco…a really fine actor, can’t catch a break.