The buzz on Steven Spielberg’s Munich (Universal, 12.25) seems to be…well, not building. First that less-than-encouraging teaser with indications that Munich is going to be some kind of dutiful procedural with a sentimental streak (a line from Eric Bana’s character expressing concern that his daughter’s affection may be at risk if she finds he’s been killing Palestinian terrorists, or words to that effect). And now comes word that a senior Spielberg rep was talking fairly seriously about his boss’s possible participation in a certain promotional event that would have stirred talk and/or fanned heat regarding possible Oscar nominations or Academy support for Munich. And then about two weeks ago the rep abruptly cancelled. A Universal spokesperson says my information is dead wrong, but also says the general Munich game plan is for Spielberg to steer clear of Oscar dog-and-pony shows and to “let the film speak for itself.”