There’s almost nothing anyone can say about yesterday’s Daunte Wright shooting in Minneapolis except “here we go again.”

If the fuzz pulls you over for whatever, the dumbest thing you can do is to resist or run. This has always been true in any region, under any circumstance. If you’ve been pulled over, resistance of any kind will end badly…period.

In this instance the 20-year-old Wright, who had been ridiculously pulled over for having an air-freshener or two hanging from his car’s rearview mirror, defied the bulls and drove off when they attempted to cuff him for a past warrant. A cop shot him. Wright succumbed to the wound several blocks later, crashed the car and died. Brilliant! Air fresheners!

Where is it written in the annals of Minnesota police regulations that if a suspect runs you whip out your pistol and shoot him dead? I know that if I say “Wright should have just chilled and cooperated,” Twitter will say I’m a bad person so I’d like to announce here and now that I don’t know what he should’ve done.