Jon Stewart gonna Jon Stewart and and more power, but something snapped when I watched “The Problem With White People,” and things haven’t been the same since. A little more than a month ago Stewart was tributed at the Kennedy Center with the 23rd annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and I really couldn’t get into it, man…sorry.

When I think of Stewart now, I think he could maybe sorta kinda go fuck himself…no offense.

A little more than three months ago my admiration for and approval of Stewart stopped dead in its tracks. To repeat, Stewart’s “The Problem with White People“, which aired on his Apple talk show on 3.25.22, is what did it.

On 3.30 I shared my skepticism and revulsion at what this one-sided woke indoctrination seminar was pushing, and particularly the dismissal of Andrew Sullivan‘s opinions by Stewart and another of his guests, the odious Lisa Bond of Race2Dinner…it was so enraging. I wanted to throw something at my computer screen, although I dismissed that instinct a millisecond later because it was only 15 inches in front of my face and what was I going to throw anyway? A sliced tomato? The juice would get into the guts of my Macbook Pro and then I’d really be in trouble.

Stewart and Bond were basically parroting woke talking points, to wit: (a) all disparity equals discrimination, (b) meritocracy is merely a systematic smokescreen for white dominance, (c) the low marriage rate among African Americans is the fault of whites, (d) almost all American sub-systems or social standards are guises for white power, (e) the whole societal system in which we work and live is gamed in favor of whites, and therefore (f) white people have a duty to cleanse and overhaul these systems in order to alleviate the stain and the shame of institutional racism.

I’ve responded to these talking points with three significant HE posts about The 1619 Project, which is pretty much the historical cradle for wokester theology in the realm of American racism. The best of them was “What’s Your 1619 Beef?“, posted on 7.30.20. Here’s an excerpt:

“Slavery has always been an ignominious chapter in the first 245 years of US history (1619 to 1865) and racism has stained aspects of the culture ever since, but to assert that slavery and racism (which other cultures have shamefully allowed and profited by over the centuries) are THE central and fundamental definers of the immense American experience strikes me as a bridge too far.

“Many factors drove the expansion and gradual strengthening & shaping of this country, and particularly the spirit and character of it — immigration, the industrial revolution and the cruel exploitations and excesses of the wealthy elites, the delusion of religion, anti-Native American racism and genocide, breadbasket farming, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick C. Douglas, the vast networks of railroads, selfishness & self-interest, factories, construction, the two world wars of the 20th Century, scientific innovation, native musical forms including jazz, blues (obviously African-American art forms) and rock, American literature, theatre and Hollywood movies, sweat shops, 20th Century urban architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, major-league baseball, Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig, family-based communities and the Protestant work ethic, fashion, gardening, native cuisine and the influences of European, Mexican, Asian and African cultures, hot dogs, the shipping industry, hard work and innovation, the garment industry, John Steinbeck, George Gershwin, Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, JFK, MLK, Stanley Kubrick, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Marilyn Monroe, Amelia Earhart, Malcom X, Taylor Swift, Charlie Parker, Elizabeth Warren, Katharine Hepburn, Aretha Franklin, Jean Arthur, Eleanor Roosevelt, Carol Lombard, Shirley Chisholm, Marlon Brando, Woody Allen, barber shops & manual lawnmowers, the auto industry, prohibition & gangsters, the Great Depression and the anti-Communism and anti-Socialism that eventually sprang from that, status-quo-challenging comedians like Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and Steve Allen (“schmock schmock!”), popular music (Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles), TV, great American universities, great historians, great journalism (including the National Lampoon and Spy magazine), beat poetry, hippies, the anti-Vietnam War movement, pot and psychedelia, cocaine, quaaludes and Studio 54, 20th & 21st Century tech innovations, gay culture, comic books, stage musicals, Steve Jobs, etc.

Two other HE retorts: (a) “Spreading ‘1619 Project’ Gospel,” a 7.8.20 piece that liberally quotes from Andrew Sullivan‘s “How The New York Times Has Abandoned Liberalism for Activism” (posted on 9.3.19), and (b) “Stephens: 1619 Project ‘Has Failed’“, an excerpt of Bret Stephens‘ “The 1619 Chronicles“, which appeared on 10.9.20.

Sullivan vs. Self-Flagellating Race Hustlers“, posted on 3.30.22:

Andrew Sullivan: “The notion of America being a white supremacist country is ‘possibly the most absurd hyperbole I’ve ever heard.’

Today’s America [is] “the most multiracial, multicultural, tolerant, diverse melting pot that has ever existed on planet Earth, and there is no other place on Earth even like it. That’s why 86 percent of our immigrants are non-white. Do you think they want to come to a white supremacist country?”

“The term ‘white supremacy’ is an absurd hyperbole. For most people that means the KKK, it means no rights for minorities. I don’t believe [the wokester definition of white supremacy] exists. I don’t know what these systems are. No one is denying this country’s awful history [in terms of racial oppression and discrimination]. Nor is anyone denying that we don’t all face enormous challenges.

“But we also have a great history, Jon. I think you are not living on the planet that most Americans are. Which is why this kind of extremism, this anti-white extremism, is losing popular support and is creating a backlash, and is going to elect Republicans, and is going to undo a lot of the good that you think you’re doing.”

I hit the roof when Lisa Bond of Race2Dinner, the overweight woman, said to Sullivan “nope, I’m shutting you down”, as if Sullivan, the suspected racist, isn’t worth treating with respect. I found this moment infuriating.

“I’m shutting you down?” Telling people who allegedly hold the wrong kind of opinions that they can’t talk anymore is a default wokester thing…it’s what they do, what they’re about.

On 3.29 Media-ite’s Michael Luciano called Bond a “lunatic” and a race-hustler.

Oh, and fuck Stewart’s audience for laughing at Sullivan.