The special joys of what the HE lifestyle used to be on a year-round basis for nearly 20 years..."it's not about the's the charge, it's the bolt, it's the buzz, it's the sheer fuck-off'edness of it I right?"...this kind of bracing, half-mad, snorting, surging life...the laughs and encounters, the luscious flavors and intrigues, the traveling and the airports at dawn and the cavernous European train stations, the occasional set visits, cool parties, subway intrigues, Academy screenings, small screenings, all-media screenings, press junkets, visiting the homes of friends near and far, noisy restaurants, walking the crowded streets of Rome, London, Paris and Hanoi, writing in crowded cafes, hitting the occasional bar with a pally or two, the aroma of exotic places and the hundreds upon hundreds of little things that just happen as part of the general hurly-burly..."