The Envelope‘s Elizabeth Snead has done some followup reporting about Radar Magazine Online‘s item about Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone) canning her personal publicist Amy Van Iden because Van Iden hadn’t told McAdams she would be asked to pose buck naked (alongside Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley) for the cover of Vanity Fair‘s upcoming Hollywood issue. Radar reported that McAdams walked out of the November photo session, but Snead heard differently. “McAdams did tee-totally freak when she got there and found out that VF’s ‘guest editor’ Tom Ford’s big artistic concept was to have the gals pose absolutely naked,” Snead writes. “She’d been prepared for a sexy shoot but fully expected a sheet or some lingerie or something. But — and here’s where it gets really interesting — McAdams went ahead and did the shoot. So much for taking a moral stand.” Uhhmmm…didn’t the fact that both McAdams and Knightley aren’t exactly top-heavy bodacious ta-ta types suggest to anyone (i.e., Ford or Van Iden) that there might be some hesitancy about such a shoot? I would probably be a wee bit guarded about this myself if I were female and flat- chested. It’s understandable.