I knew if I went to the Two Lovers party last night, which didn’t begin for me until 12:30 am, that I might not awake in time for this morning’s screening of Clint Eastwood‘s The Exchange (L’echange). Sure enough, I didn’t flop until 2:30 am and slept right through my double alarm system (6:40 and 7 am.) Maybe I can snag a ticket to the gala screening at 7:30 this evening. If not, there’s a makeup screening tomorrow morning in the new Salle du Soixantieme at 11:30 am.

Waiting outside Salle Debussy for last night’s press screening of James Gray‘s Two Lovers, which began 40 minutes late. A couple of hundred press people got into a 10 pm screening in the smaller Salle Bazin.

I don’t see the point of going to the Exchange press conference at 11:30, which is an hour from now. All that bubble, toil and trouble just to take pictures of Clint and Angelina Jolie, and to ponder questions and answers that won’t mean much? Today’s plan is to (a) drop by the Two Lovers press conference at 1 pm, then (b) see Jean-Stephane Sauvaire‘s Johnny Mad Dog (great title!) at 2 pm, and then (c) Amat Escalante‘s Los Bastardos at 7 pm. (Unless a ticket comes through for the 7:30 Eastwood.)
That wasn’t an error before — Eastwood’s film, I’ve been told, will henceforth be called The Exchange rather than Changeling, which is what it’s been called all along. While waiting last night for the Two Lovers show to begin, I asked Cinematical’s James Rocchi if The Exchange is a new title, and he said “naaah, that’s just an English translation of the French one.” But then a British journo standing nearby said he’d read/heard that The Exchange is in fact the new title — that Eastwood recently decided he liked it better.