The final Bushian war-cry epilogue that appeared on the tail end of unfinished versions of Paul Greengrass‘s United 93 (Universal, 4.28) — “America’s war on terror had begun” — has been removed from the film. The finished version, screened in Beverly Hills Tuesday night, ends with the words “Dedicated to those Americans who lost their lives on September 11, 2001″…or words very close to that. So the final graph in Dennis Lim‘s Village Voice review is now invalid. It partly reads,”Perhaps mindful of his target audience, Greengrass makes sure to dangle some red-state red meatUnited 93 slips into propaganda with a concluding title card that declares, ‘America’s war on terror had begun.’ Whatever Greengrass’s intentions, his film’s closing moments essentially memorialize 9-11 Bush style, as an occasion for revenge. Painful as this movie is, it’s even more excruciating to imagine how it might play in some of the country’s multiplexes.” No worries…the concern is moot.