“I know I’ve been accused of being heavy-handed and whatnot, but the world we’re living in today is not the time to be subtle. It’s not the time. It’s my opinion that this upcoming [election]…two years is gonna go like that, two years is around the corner, two years is tomorrow…this upcoming Presidential election in two years is [gonna be] a battle for the soul of America…that’s what it’s gonna come down yo…it’s gonna be a battle for the soul and direction of the United States of America….I’m convinced of that…it’s gonna be a holy war, love against hate…Radio Raheem…Robert Mitchum with those tattoos on his fingers and Radio Raheem wearing those rings.” — Spike Lee speaking two weeks ago in an Indiewire Toolkit Podcast. Here’s the mp3.

By the way: There’s nothing especially eye-poppy about Chayse Irvin‘s cinematography for BlacKkKlansman. It’s mostly a straight-ahead, dialogue-driven drama that mostly happens indoors. Which makes me wonder why Universal decided to offer it in 4K Ultra HD (in addition to regular Bluray and high-def streaming). It wasn’t that long ago that 4K was exclusively set aside for CG spectacle stuff.