“…and the other four are fucked.”

Two nights ago I watched “The Bad Mother,” or the sixth episode of the second season of Big Little Lies. The tension levels are definitely intensifying. The critical setting was a courtroom dispute in which Meryl Streep‘s Mary Louise Wright, mother of the late Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård), is hoping to gain custody of the two children of Nicole Kidman‘s Celeste Wright, whose erratic, heeby-jeeby behavior (principally characterized by her guilt, Ambien dosage and sexual promiscuity) is cause for basic concern.

The best moment happened when Streep’s attorney Ira Faber (Dennis O’Hare) interrogated Celeste with one zinger question after another.

The season finale (“I Want To Know”, #7), in which Kidman will interrogate Streep in some kind of go-for-broke fashion, happens this Sunday.