The first tracking figures are in on United 93 (Universal, 4.28), the Paul Greengrass 9/11 film that’s been catching the wrong kind of heat due to stories about negative reactions to the trailer, and it has a very high “definitely not interested” figure — 14%. The “definitely not interested” responses “are usually 2% to 3% to 4%…usually in the case of a slasher film or a very skewed teenage film,” a marketing veteran explains. “This is much higher…one of the highest I’ve ever seen.” The public’s general awareness of United 93 is 32% — two thirds of those polled don’t even know about it — and 22% are saying they have “definite interest” in seeing it. How can anyone walking around and going online and paying at least some attention to life’s unfolding drama have not even heard ofUnited 93 by this stage, especially with all the attention it’s been getting in print publications like Newsweek and the New York Times ? Easy. Two-thirds of the public is more or less living in a fog. Statistics usually show that most people never hear about a film until the ads start running on the tube.