The film-snob knives are out for poor Green Book, and what an experience it is to read what some of these politically correct assassins have to say…delightful!

God, what it must be like to live in their heads, to snort derisively at an old-fashioned buddy film that isn’t out to hurt or diminish anyone or to roll back the culture in any way, shape or form, and which — burn it at the stake! — deals dry, straight, under-stated cards.

Shadow and Act‘s Brooke Obie has called Green Book a “poorly titled white savior film,” and Slate‘s Inkoo Kang is more or less on the same page.

I don’t hold with the idea of anyone saving anyone else in this modest little flick, but if we must go there it’s Mahershala Ali‘s Don Shirley who rescues Viggo Mortensen‘s Tony Lip and not the other way around. I don’t personally think Peter Farrelly‘s film is about salvation as much as plain old respect, kindness and compassion. But that’s me.

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