The high-def DVD format war is not coming to an end and may extend another year or two…to everyone’s disappointment. I went down to Sony Studios a few months ago to see a demonstration of Sony’s Blu Ray high-def DVD (i.e., footage from Lawrence of Arabia), and it was mouth-watering. Blu Ray is the somewhat more expensive but clearly more high-tech option compared to the other high-def format called HD-DVD, which is supported by Paramount, NBC-Universal, Warner Bros. and New Line. But the recent decision by 20th Century Fox to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon (joining such tech companies as Sony, Apple, Dell, HP, Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung, along with Disney and MGM) has balanced out the forces. The costlier Blu-ray technology promises to put 50GB of data on a two-layer disc, which is enough for more than four hours of HD content. HD DVD can hold up to 45GB on three layers.