The last time Barry Levinson and Robin Williams made something good together, it was Good Morning, Vietnam back in ’87. The last truly high-grade film Levinson directed was Wag the Dog in ’97. The last really good film Williams acted in was Insomnia in ’01. I mention all this because I’ve been told by a friend that a new Levinson-Williams collaboration has turned out quite well. It’s called Man of the Year, a political comedy-drama produced by Morgan Creek. It’s about the host of a late-night political talk show (Williams) who decides to run for President, and wins, and then has to sort out an ethical dilemma after his election. Chris Walken, Laura Linnney, Jeff Goldblum and Lewis Black costar. A Universal spokesperson told me it doesn’t look like an ’06 release (“more likely ’07…they only just finished shooing three weeks ago”). My source, truth be told, tends to be a little nebulous-generous in her estimations of new films. She was also pretty happy with The Sentinel when she was it well in advance, so take this with a grain. But it would be great for both Levinson and Williams if what my friend is saying about their film turns out to be true.