Many relationships and marriages work out, sometimes for decades. They survive as long as the candle burns, fate warrants and patience persists; others wind down after four or five years. Or sooner. And that’s fine.

No, I’m not about to air some dirty Jeff-and-Tatiana laundry. It would be extremely gauche to do that. Neither Tatiana nor I are perfect, but our private stuff is not column fodder. Because I will not be that middle-aged married woman drunkenly hissing at her husband and angrily exposing her breasts during a party scene in John Schlesinger‘s Sunday Bloody Sunday (’71).

Over the past several weeks, however, I’ve been wincing over Tatiana’s respect and allegiance for Vladimir Putin, and especially her views about the ongoing Russian terror and genocide in Ukraine (which Vladimir Zelensky will discuss on 60 Minutes two days hence). I’ve kept my distance for the most part. It’s her deal, her background (born and raised in Edinet), her culture, her convictions.

Given these recent opinions, Tatiana is a serious fan of Oliver Stone. His 2017 Putin interviews rang her bell and then some. Two days ago he achieved the same by posting a Facebook essay that that was highly skeptical of all the Russia-and-Putin bashing in the media.

Stone’s end quote: “All this anti-Russian propaganda, sweeping in its Western unity, smells bad — literally like Orwell’s ‘1984.’”

Tatiana loved Stone’s essay, and so she tapped out a cheering response to that effect. This led to thoughts about luck, love and the ways of surprising discoveries. If only she and Stone had somehow managed to meet a few years ago, and had kept in occasional touch and perhaps had gradually formed a bond that was about something more than just social-media rapport. I’m not saying what I seem to be saying. I’m saying Tatiana and Oliver almost seem, right now, like two peas in a pod — coming from a very similar place in terms of Ukraine-related perceptions and convictions.

Who develops admiration and affection for someone based on their cultural and political views? Well, all relationships start somewhere. And so much in life is about luck, timing and kismet. I do think Tatiana, whose views about the Ukraine War have drawn a lot of flak on this site, would feel more “heard” and respected right now if things had worked out for her in a different way. I for one would be fine with that. I am also cool — accepting — about our five years together, and in many some ways I am thankful. I’m committed to living in the now.