There’s a brief sequence toward the end of Maestro that’s fun and a bit sad. Leonard Bernstein (Bradley Cooper) and his aliing wife Felicia Montealegre are enjoying their three kids — Jamie (Maya Hawke), Nina (Alexa Swinton) and Alexander (Sam Nivola) — as they dance along to Shirley Ellis‘s “The Clapping Song.” The scene works, feels right.

It reminded me, of course, of Ellis’s other big mid ’60s hit, “The Name Game“, and how I never understood who the fuck “Ahno” is.

At the 1:06 mark Ellis sings the following:

“Ahno Ahno bo-bar-no
“Bo-na-na, fanna fo-gay-no

Go ahead and listen — I’m not mishearing. The 1:06 mark.

Today I checked the lyrics online and discovered Ellis is supposed to be saying “Arnold,” except she doesn’t.

“Arnold, Arnold bo-bar-nold
“Bo-na-na, fanna fo-far-nold