Deadline‘s Pete Hammond knows that The Revenant is going to be a wham-bammer and an all-but-certain Best Picture contender, and he acknowledges that Leonardo DiCaprio is “due” so pay very little attention to his “I haven’t seen his performance so I’m not saying anything” line. He knows DiCaprio is all but in, and he knows Michael Fassbender‘s Steve Jobs performance is on the ropes and probably plummeting as we speak, and he knows Tom Hanks‘ “subtle” performance in Bridge of Spies is a totally generic, bonded and branded “Tom Hanks performance” (i.e., Mr. Saturday Evening Post) and relatively weak tea…not even remotely close to Gregory Peck‘s performance in To Kill A Mockingbird. Hammond knows all this. He also knows that Jay Roach‘s Trumbo is not really “a great movie,” as he calls it…he knows that. (Trumbo is, however, a good film.) Hammond and Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil acknowledge that Michael Caine‘s Youth campaign is all about the gold-watch factor, and Hammond says Concussion‘s Will Smith is “definitely” in the game…we’ll see about that. All this aside, hooray for Mr. HolmesIan McKellen — a brilliant thesp and one of the most gracious guys I’ve ever known.