The NYC transit strike began this morning, but this will not interfere with Hollywood Elsewhere’s plans to see Terry Zwigoff’s Art School Confidential, which is screening this evening at 6 pm at Sony headquarters on Madison and 55th. That’s right — I’m prepared to leg it both ways because I doubt I’ll be able to get a cab. From my Brooklyn apartment, which is near the corner of Montrose and Bushwick, I’ll have to walk a mile and a half west to the Williamsburg Bridge and then hump across the damn thing (which will not be pleasant due to the extreme windy cold), and then comes a 65 block walk north to Sony and after the screening comes another 65 blocks south and back over the bridge, etc. With the subways running I usually figure about 30 minutes to get to uptown Manhattan — now it’s at least two hours. I’m figuring I’ll have to leave at 3:45 pm, and after the screening ends at 8pm I’m figuring another two hour walk back…at least. If anyone is reading this and wants to try and share a cab, get in touch.