In honor of Pablo Larrain‘s Jackie and Antonio CamposChristine, which played back-to-back at the Savannah Film Festival this evening, my initial reviews are linked above.

Tomorrow I’ll see Keith Maitland‘s Tower, Matthew Brown‘s The Man Who Knew Infinity (online link, preparation for Jeremy Irons phoner), Scott Feinberg‘s Docs to Watch roundtable and a second look at Damien Chazelle‘s La La Land. Or something like that.

Late this afternoon I pedaled two or three miles to a Lenscrafters for an eyeglass repair job. Then I hit my favorite Savannah cafe, The Sentient Bean. There I met a couple of local girls, Emily Jordan and Melissa Burkholder, who initially thought I was Chris Walken. The conversation eventually turned to day-to-day life in Savannah, which led to their telling me about what they called “Savannah’s dirty little secret” (as least as far as visitors like myself are concerned) — the recently rising murder rate.

Here’s a recent CNN report about this; below is a video primer:

Sentient Bean chat buddy Emily Jordan.

Hurricane Matthew blew through Savannah only about two weeks ago. I came across a few fallen trees, several piles of brush. The storm didn’t do too much damage, or certainly a lot less damage than the locals were expecting.