By using “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” for the Haute Cuisine trailer, Weinstein Co. marketers have dishonored Christian Vincent‘s film and the legacy of Nancy Sinatra (even if the song heard is a cover sung by someone else). This is a modest and wonderfully un-Americanized film about real-life French chef Daniele Delpeuch (Catherine Frot) and her two-year tenure as the private cook for French president François Mitterrand (’81 to ’95). It is throughly French and a truly sublime foodie movie for the ages. (Really.) It’s basically a tale about a gifted but headstrong eccentric trying to be genuinely creative within a highly political, hair-trigger environment — a combination that obviously can’t last. Haute Cuisine is very carefully assembled and true to the laws of the foodie realm. I was completely engaged start to finish and had no issues whatsoever except for the casting of Jean d’Ormesson as Mitterand — why not cast someone who at least vaguely resembles the Real McCoy?