“Perhaps more than anyone else in the business, Zach Galifianakis embodies the rebellion against the outmoded Comedy Club circuit — the exposed brick, the two-drink minimum, the indifferent audience, the ‘regular guy with an attitude’ routine — which has come to be labeled the ‘indie comedy’ movement. ‘Zach is so conceptual,’ Sarah Silverman, who has known and worked with Galifianakis since the mid-’90s, told me. ‘He’s definitely part of the excitement of this shift, this idea of comedy as art. Whether he’s at his piano, offering deadpan one-liners, or trying out some brand-new conceptual piece — like the ways he uses musicians, or flip-board messages, or the first thing that comes into his head — he is so totally original and thrilling to watch.” — from Jon Wray‘s 5.28 profile of in the N.Y. Times.