Now this is a bedroom with a helluva view. It is occupied, the poster is telling us, by a Brooklyn-residing woman (i.e., a clam-house waitress) who’s in the grip of some kind of red-furnace sexual current in her life. You could almost call her a woman channelling the glow and the fire of Anna Magnani, except that Kate Winslet‘s Rose isn’t the type to know the first thing about Italian cinema. Rose couldn’t possibly know this, but as she’s lying on her bed and seething and lamenting about all the things that aren’t working out for her, she’s at least being captured by the great Vittorio Storaro, so at least she’ll look good as the walls close in.

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel will have its world premiere as the New York Film Festival on Saturday, 10.14, or three and a half weeks hence. Amazon Studios will release Wonder Wheel on 12.1.17, the first film the studio will distribute independently. Kate Winslet for Best Actress, Jim Belushi for Best Supporting Actor, and maybe even Wonder Wheel itself for Best Picture…who knows?