The Rotten Tomatoes’ positives for Poseidon are in the same range as President Bush‘s approval rating — 31%. The creme de la creme rating is 27%. Everyone just hates it, hates it, hates it…and it’s really not that bad. I mean, providing you don’t go looking for some multi-tiered, character- driven Ship of Fools. It’s fast, it’s fairly thrilling at times (that seriously claustrophobic crawling-through-the-air-duct scene is a near-classic), the effects are above-average (okay, the rogue wave looks more than a little fake), and thank God it doesn’t try to acquaint you with, much less try to make you care about, the characters. And Josh Lucas, who used to play nothing but scumbags, plays a hard-charging hero and likable good guy here. And praise God again that there’s no fat Shelly Winters character in this thing.